Libyan Rebellion Rejects Gaddafi Armistice Proposal

Tripoli, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The Libyan armed opposition on Tuesday again rejected a proposal by Muammar Gaddafi for a cease-fire and asked NATO to continue its bombings, despite South African President Jacob Zuma”s mediation efforts.

The National Transition Council, which had rejected a similar proposal last month from the African Union, reiterated its demand for the Libyan leader to immediately resign and leave the country with his family and close collaborators.

NTC president Mustafa Abdel Jalil insisted that his organization, including what he calls its National Liberation Army, would reject any cease-fire proposal that does not include those steps.

Meanwhile, Zuma announced Gaddafi’s willingness to agree to the African Union cease-fire plan, which includes the end of NATO airstrikes, saying, “He is willing to implement the road map (of the AU) to give the Libyan people the opportunity to solve their problem on their own.”

Zuma denied that he traveled Monday to Libya to discuss an “exit strategy” with Gaddafi and condemned NATO attacks, saying they “undermine peace efforts.”

Meanwhile, clashes continued Tuesday in western Libya near the oil-producing areas of Ajdabiya and Brega, without any major shift foreseen in actions on the ground.

Fresh NATO attacks to the country were reported by Libyan state television, which did not comment on foreign reports of the defection of eight senior Libyan army officers, five of them generals.

In news conference in Rome, the deserters announced they were part of a group of 120 officers and soldiers who decided “on behalf of the martyrs who died fighting for freedom” to opt for NTC amnesty.

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