US social fighters claim Obama Govt to attend their country’s social problems

Caracas,  AVN .- Social fighters from the United States appeared in a mass gathering carried out in Caracas in defense of Venezuela”s sovereignty to take a stance against the sanctions imposed by the US on the national oil industry and claim the Barack Obama administration to mind the social problems affecting millions of US citizens.

Thousands of people, among workers, representatives of social organizations, communal councils, mothers, fathers, teenagers and adults met to support the national oil industry, which invests most of its revenues on social programs.

A North American citizen took the stand and said: “Twelve million people in my country do not have jobs neither medical attention; they live in poverty. The US people want these problems to be solved, instead of intervention in behalf of the United States on Iraq, Afghanistan, we reject the sanctions imposed against Venezuela.”

Another US activist, who introduced herself as Crystal, expressed that the US people support Venezuela”s battle against imperialism, capitalism and repression. “We support the Bolivarian Revolution.”

Members of the US delegation in solidarity with Venezuela read a statement signed by thousands of people, in which they rejected the sanctions “unilaterally imposed by the United States President.”

In the statement, they took a stance against what they called “the latest attempt of our Administration” to frighten the Venezuelan people. “It is a permanent campaign to justify more aggressive actions against Venezuela and President Chavez.”


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