“This first phase concluded, now let’s go to work”

Caracas. AVN .- After almost two years exiled, ousted ex president of Honduras Jose Manuel Zelaya returned to his home last Saturday and he said a clear message: “This first phase concluded, now let”s go to work.”

Following four failed attempts, Zelaya finally arrived at his home together with his family and diplomatic representatives. There, he expressed that he has come back forever, though signing an accord for his return is not synonym for impunity.

“Murders and violations to human rights are not subject of a reconciliation process because these actions shall be processed through the judiciary,” Zelaya said.

According to him, the accord deals only with the political issue “because it does not solve the crimes” committed in Honduras against the resistance.

The ex president, also known as Mel, expressed he has not abandoned his fight for a National Constituent Assembly, proposal used by putschist groups in 2009 to remove him from office and oust him to Costa Rica.

“I am joining to the people”s power battle for free elections. The Honduran people want to participate, to have a piece of land, right to speech. That is what boosted this reconciliation accord,” he said.

The accord reached thanks to the mediation of the Colombian and Venezuelan governments is a first step for the full restoration of democracy, Zelaya said, and he expressed that current Honduran president Porfirio Lobo “has evidenced good intentions and interest on the society to find spaces for participation.”

“Has this accord solved the problem raised by the coup? No, but it paves the way for a real participation. We have conquered a very valuable space.”

Up to now, that first phase which represented Zelaya”s return was achieved. The ex president affirmed that the second phase of his political plan begins tomorrow, guided by leaders of the National Front of Honduran Resistance.

“Now that I returned to my homeland, I am just joining to the battle of the people, seeking a transformation,” Zelaya said.

Last Saturday, Zelaya met with social movements at square Isis Murillo -named after a teenager murdered close to Toncontin air base when Zelaya tried to come back to the country for the first time-, with President Lobo and OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza.

It is expected that the OAS will debate to lift the sanctions imposed on Honduras after the coup dӎtat. Diplomats of the region have expressed they would approve the return of the Central American country to the bloc


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