Venezuelans wave national flag as sign of sovereignty

Caracas, 29 May. AVN .- Venezuelans wave their national flag throughout Caracas as a sign of sovereignty, amid a parade carried out this Sunday to repudiate the sanctions imposed by the United States on the national oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for doing business with Iran.

The event gathers oil workers from different institutions nationwide, communal councils and social movements, among other sectors, who carry posters with phrases such as “PDVSA is Ours to death,” “Defending our oil sovereignty,” “Venezuela must be respected, don”t pick on my homeland.”

“The United States is permanently attacking Venezuela because they want to take possession of its natural resources,” said organization director of Venezuela”s Unified Socialist Party (PSUV), Dario Vivas.

Meanwhile, the parliament”s vice president Aristobulo Isturiz was chanting “PDVSA is completely red, now it belongs to the people nobody will take it away.”

Isturiz reaffirmed the stance of most of Venezuelan deputies: “In the accord, we made clear our will of defending the country”s sovereignty and people assumed in their conscience and soul the concept of sovereignty.”

Heading the parade was the minister of Energy and Oil, Rafael Ramirez, who said: “Here in the street are the people of (Liberator Simon) Bolivar, repudiating this unprecedented situation. We are the attacked country and we will know how to defend our interests.”

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