Political organization, reconciliation proposes Zelaya

Caracas, 28 May. AVN .- At his arrival at Toncontin airport, in Honduras capital city, former president of this country Jose Manuel Zelaya expressed that he would begin a process of national reconciliation and political organization with a view to a constituent process.

Two years after being victim of a coup dӎtat, Zelaya expressed that one of his plans is continuing the fourth urn project, a poll for a referendum to set a National Constituent Assembly.

The fourth urn was one of the arguments used by putschist sectors to remove from office, with weapons and violence, and oust from the country the then constitutional president of Honduras.

“This will last a while, but we are very excited about it,” said the former president, who arrived in the country accompanied by a commission made by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro; Colombian human rights activist Piedad Cordoba; Venezuela”s Ambassador to the OAS, Roy Chaderton; former president of Panama, Martin Torrijos; among others.

Zelaya informed he will attend an encounter prepared by Honduras” President Porfirio Lobo, meeting which will be also attended by OAS Secretary General and several foreign ministers.

“Human rights, national reconciliation, development of democracy, there lies justice, as well as vindication for relatives of people who died in these battles,” are the aspects Zelaya said he would raise in the meeting.

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