Manuel Zelaya Advocates Constituent Assembly to Recover Power

Tegucigalpa, May 29 (Prensa Latina) Former President Manuel Zelaya, the current general coordinator of The National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP), has defined the political agenda to follow in Honduras, after 23 months of exile following a coup d’etat in June, 2009.

“We will go to the Constituent Assembly to recover power,” said Zelaya when he arrived in Honduras on Saturday afternoon.

The former president said that he was not renouncing any of his political concepts and that he was joining all revolutionary processes of the people so that Honduras can move forward.

Zelaya returned to his homeland on Saturday following an agreement signed with President Porfirio Lobo last Sunday, with the mediation of Venezuela and Colombia.

The agreement also includes the return of those exiled, respect for human rights, the recognition of The National Front for Popular Resistance as a political and belligerent force, and the summoning of a Constituent Assembly.

The former head of government said in relation to the accord signed with Lobo that “it has only one message: no more coups d’etat.”

“Problems of poverty and Corruption are not solved with violence, but with democracy, transparency, and peace,” added Zelaya.

Various former Honduran officials also returned to the country along with Zelaya, including former Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas, ex-minister of the Presidency Enrique Flores, the former major of San Pedro Sula, Rodolfo Padilla, and the priest Andres Tamayo.

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