Heat Wave Grilling Mexico

Mexico, May 29 (Prensa Latina) The heat wave continues this weekend in Mexico, where temperatures remain very high in the state of Sonora and close to the record in Mexico City, informed the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

Temperatures last Thursday were as high as 45.6 degrees centigrade in the shade in El Cubil, in the municipality of Sahuaripa, while El Novillo recorded 43.8 and Tepache, in San Bernardo, and El Orégano registered 43 degrees.

In the capital, the soffocating heat reached 32 degrees, close to the 1998 record of 33.9 degrees.

The highest temperature recorded on earth was in the region of Al Aziziyah, in Libya, where on 13 September 1922 the thermometer read 58 degrees centigrade.

The second highest was in Greenland Ranch, in the Valley of Death in the USA, with 56 degrees, according to meteorological sources.

The SMN warns that in 16 of the 32 Mexican states, high temperatures will average around 33 degrees, and in northern regions will go as high as 43 degrees centigrade, and in the Yucatan peninsula temperatures may exceed 40 degrees centigrade.

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