Digital terrestrial television to be tested in Venezuela

Caracas, 28 May. AVN .- Since next June 06 will begin a trial period of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Venezuela, informed last Friday night President Hugo Chavez through his Twitter account @chavezcandanga.

“Breaking news: On June 6 begins trial period of Digital Terrestrial Television in Venezuela with the support of Japan! Come on!,” wrote the Venezuelan President.

The Venezuelan President also informed that the National Executive is ready to set up a pilot phase of the project Direct to Home Television, using the technological platform of the Simon Bolivar Satellite.

“Another breaking news: Ready to begin Extended Pilot Phase of Direct to Home Television project, through satellite Simon Bolivar.”

Technology for people

Nowadays, there are 1,744 schools connected with Venezuela”s satellite Simon Bolivar, besides 2,520 antennas deployed in remote areas and education is the sector with more access to this satellite.

The Simon Bolivar satellite also provides support in matters of security and protection to the sovereignty of the country, being connected to 145 frontier bases.

Among the projects envisaged within the cooperation with China, there is the creation of a Satellite Investigation and Development Center. It would allow to construct lightweight satellites to observe agricultural activities and urban planning, monitor the climate and meteorology aspects.


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