US sanctions evidence systematic policy of aggression against Venezuela

Caracas, 27 May. AVN .- The sanctions imposed by the United States against the national oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) due to its commercial relation with Iran evidence a systematic policy of aggression against Venezuela, expressed Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramirez.

“This is not the first expression; unfortunately, it will not be the last one for sure. We support all the statements said by Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, as well as the actions undertaken by workers,” she said.

In the face of this new aggression, the Venezuelan people and councils of rights are aware of the consequences that such sanction may raise on the development of social projects in the country, she added.

Ramirez and chairman of the Venezuelan parliament Fernando Soto Rojas took part on a debate on human rights and people as lawgivers, held this Friday in Caracas.

During his speech, Deputy Fernando Soto Rojas expressed that Venezuela will not accept any blackmail from any country.

“Here is a completely responsible Bolivarian Government, which respects human rights and is absolutely free to relate with any country it wants to,” Soto said.

It is necessary to think about people”s collective right to be free, he said.

“For instance, if you check the Universal Declaration of human rights, approved in Paris in 1948, you will realize that all of them have been violated by the United States,” said Deputy Soto Rojas.


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