United States measures: right-wing shortcuts to impose its hegemony

Caracas, 25 May. AVN .- According to the Venezuelan ex Planning and Finances minister Haiman El Troudi, the sanctions announced on Tuesday by the United States against the state-run oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) are just shortcuts used by the international right-wing to impose its hegemony.

El Troudi pointed out that US aggression is part of a selective attack, which belongs to bigger action aimed at strengthening the position of the right in the world and looking for the control of natural resources.

On Tuesday, the United States announced sanctions against PDVSA for maintaining relations with Iran. According to the measure, the Venezuelan company will not allowed to sign contracts with the US Government nor receive financing from the US for imports or exports, informed the US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.

El Troudi explained that such strategy based on discredits used by the United States, which is losing grounds due to its non-justified invasions to sovereign countries, “is aimed at reconfigure said world panorama to dominate world”s plans.”

“Venezuela is a sovereign country and 12 years of democracy have been enough to prove it. At this opportunity we can not just let the consequences flow, we need to be on the alert in the face of this aggression. We are able to not surrender to the blackmail and our people will not accept it,” he pointed out.

Finally, he said that he expects this aggression “is not just an excuse to set the conditions to justify other kind of attacks.”

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