Savings security owes to the Bolivarian Government’s lawfulness

Caracas, 25 May. AVN .- Guaranteeing the savings of Venezuelan clients defrauded by private bankers, such as Banco Federal former president Nelson Mezerhane, as well as the security and support to their deposits, owes to the lawfulness and the rule of law and justice in the Bolivarian Government.

The statement was said this Wednesday by Venezuelan Vice President, Elias Jaua, during a press conference held this morning after paying the amount due to a group of these defrauded clients.

Thanks to the immediate answer of the Hugo Chavez Administration and the guarantees of Venezuela”s financial system, he said, today the Executive may put back -through the Bank Deposit Guarantee and Protection Fund (Fogade)- the savings of people who had over $ 6,977 in the Banco Federal.

The vice president explained that the payments to the bank”s savers is addressed in a first phase to people older than 55 years, as well as underage people and teenagers up to 18 years old.


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