Syrian President Promises More Reforms, Protests Continue

Damascus, May 25 (Prensa Latina) Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad promised on Wednesday to promote more reforms to satisfy demands from popular sectors unhappy with the countryâ�Ös reality, but the opposition maintains the mobilizations and announced new protests.

According to the pro-government Tishrin daily, Al-Assad assumed his commitment during a meeting with religious leaders, imams and preachers of mosques in the city of Deraa, the epicentre of the most violent opposition protests of the last few weeks.

The same source said that the head of State announced reforms “in all Syrian provinces” after the Cabinet agreed to cut gas prices and curb control over media outlets.

Al-Assad urged these religious leaders to play their role to consolidate the positive atmosphere in Deraa province, where hundreds of people had been killed and wounded before the Syrian Army deployed its troops there, according to figures provided by the opposition.

The religious leaders told state-run news agency SANA that the meeting with Al-Assad was “spontaneous, crucial, efficient and transparent,” besides discussing the role of the ulemas and imams in preserving security and stability in Syria.

The president called for a stop to sedition and for strengthening national unity, and promised to compensate victims and demand explanations from those involved in violent acts, commented the Head of Religious Affairs in Daraa, Sheikh Moammar Shahadat.

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