Haiti: Senate Commission to Study Appointment of Prime Minister

Port-au-Prince, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The Haitian Senate created a special commission to analyze the appointment of entrepreneur Daniel Rouzier as Prime Minister, the initial step to ratify the post in the local Parliament.

The group has to study a file presented by Rouzier, in which he justifies his aptitude to become the Haitian Prime Minister.

If it does finds no objections in the document, the Haitian Higher Chamber will convoke an extraordinary session of Congress in June to vote on the appointment.

In an environment loaded with criticism, new Haitian President Michel Martelly finally appointed Rouzier -a man 51 years old living in the US- last Friday.

Rouzier is one of the richest men in Haiti, an executive in an electric plant and owner of a car distribution company.

If he is approved by the legislature, Rouzier will replace outgoing Jean Max Bellerive, at a decisive moment for Haiti, destroyed by an earthquake in January 2010 and affected later by a cholera epidemic, which left 5,000 dead people.

Martelly�s party, Repons Peyisan (Peasants� Response) counts on only three seats out of 99 in the Haitian Lower Chamber. The former ruling party, Inite, has the majority in the two Houses, with 46 deputies and 17 senators.

Former president Rene Preval assured last week that his coalition will support Rouzier�s appointment.

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