Haiti: Expulsion of Refugees in Camps

Port au Prince, May 25 (Prensa Latina) Haitian human rights organizations asked Michel Martellyâ�Ös government to take urgent measures to prevent expulsions from the camps of victims of the 2010 earthquake, where more than 680,000 people live.

An official statement published today in the agency AlterPresse, five civilian groups denounced that the owners of the land force dozens of people to leave their tents.

The tents are destroyed or burned, and in some areas armed groups threaten refugees, preventing them from meeting, from conducting commercial activities or from denouncing abuses, says the document.

The text urges the Administration to initiate proceedings against the perpetrators of violent acts and to adopt immediate guidelines to alleviate this situation.

Until last March, some 80,000 people lived in temporary shelters, but the pressures and small financial incentives caused a reduction to almost 70,000.

One of the governmentâ�Ös measures was to provide $500 USD for the victims to leave the tents, but many of them considered it inadequate.

Some others took the money and after they spent it they returned to the same place or to another camp.

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