France: World Declared Rinderpest-Free

Paris, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The World Organization for Animal Health on Wednesday officially declared the world free of rinderpest or cattle plague, a deadly animal disease.

The announcement was made during the 79th assembly of that organization in the French capital, and recognized the decisive collaboration of the UN Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) in eradicating the disease.

This is a historical event because cattle plague is the first animal disease to be eliminated by humanity, said the organization’s general director, Dr. Bernard Vallat.

He added that is not only an important advance in science but also in cooperation policy among international organizations and the world community.

FAO deputy director general Ann Tutwiler said rinderpest has been a priority of her organization in its e efforts to fight hunger and improve living conditions through agriculture.

With the eradication of the disease among living animals, cattle raising in the world has become safer, as has the subsistence of millions of breeders, she said.

The announcement coincided with the 250th anniversary of the creation of the veterinarian profession in Lyon, France, a milestone in history, the organization said.

In June, the 192 member countries of the FAO will also adopt a resolution related to the world eradication of rinderpest in its 37th General Conference in Rome.

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