Return of Manuel Zelaya is Triumph of the People, Says Resistance

Tegucigalpa, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) said Monday that the return of former President Manuel Zelaya is a triumph of the Honduran people.

According to Juan Barahona, deputy coordinator of the FNRP, hereinafter the resistance begins a new fight, this time to achieve a Constituent Assembly in the country.

Zelaya’s return to Honduras, scheduled for Saturday May 28, is an achievement of the people and FNRP, which did not stop for even a day to demand the return of the former president, said Barahona.

Barahona also confirmed that Zelaya will arrive in Honduras accompanied by several former officials such as former Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas, former Minister of the Presidency, Enrique Flores, former mayor of San Pedro Sula, Rodolfo Padilla, and the priest Andres Tamayo, of Salvadoran origin.

The Honduran resistance, after the signing of the agreement for national reconciliation and democracy between Zelaya and President Porfirio Lobo, has been recognized as a political force that can participate in the next elections.

This agreement, signed on Sunday in Cartegena de Indias, also guarantees respect for human rights and the personal safety of Zelaya in his homeland.

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