Former IMF Director Pleads Not Guilty

Washington, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, pleaded not guilty on charges of attempted rape, according to a letter sent to the IMF personnel and published Monday.

The letter is an email message the IMF interim manager, John Lipsodo, recieved and re-distributed officials and other staffers of the organization. In it, Strauss-Kahn states that he was unable not share his own personal nightmare, and had to leave his post.

Meanwhile, one of the main candidates to replace Strauss-Khan, the Minister of Economy of France, Christine Lagarde, said Monday that it is still premature to discuss whether she would get the post, and she called for an open, transparent selection process, based on merits.

Europe insists on retaining the traditional control of the leadership of the IMF since its creation in 1945, just as the US chooses the head of the World Bank.


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