Cuban Nuclear Proposal Approved by Non Aligned Countries

Por Enrique Torres, Special Correspondent

Bali, Indonesia, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The 16th Ministerial Conference of the Non Aligned Countries Movement approved a proposal presented by Cuba on nuclear disarmament that requests the forum to undertake actions for their total elimination.

Diplomatic sources told Prensa Latina that the initiative had the necessary consent of the participants.

The declaration essentially reflects some of the ideas expressed by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, about the danger represented by nuclear weapons for humanity.

The Cuban proposal was examined in the Political Affairs Commission which started with a close door debate on Monday on the issues pending from the UN Coordination Bureau that took place from February 7 to March 16.

The commission, held in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bali, also endorsed the proposal of a paragraph on Cuba which condemns the commercial, financial and economic blockade of the United States against the island and requests its lifting.

Also, It demands that the illegal radio and television broadcasts against Cuba completely cease, and that the territory occupied by the US naval base, located in Guantanamo, eastern Cuba, be returned to the Cuban people.

There were complex topics in which it was impossible to reach an agreement in this first day of discussions, among them those related to the events in Libya and NATO’s aggression, and the Nicaragua-Costa Rica dispute on the jurisdiction over the San Juan River.

Also negotiated was the inclusion of a paragraph on the situation in Honduras, whose current government had not been recognized by the Non Aligned Movement as it was imposed on the Honduran people after the coup against President Manuel Zelaya in 2009.

The final declaration of the Non Aligned Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, that year firmly condemned the coup against Zelaya and demanded his restitution.

Except for these matters, practically all the paragraphs of the draft of the final document were already approved, concerning the world�s political situation, international rights, the United Nations and the need for it to be reformed, disarmament and other issues by geographical regions.

In the Economic and Social Commission in the hotel’s Karangasem Room, delegates discussed most of the questions related to economic development, the right to development and respect for human rights.

On climate change, the expectations of the member countries regarding the next environmental summit of the United Nations at the end of this year, in the South African city of Durban, were discussed.

The forum demanded that the Convention on Climate Change bring concrete results, aimed at the approval of a second period of commitments of the industrialized countries under the Protocol of Kyoto, for the reduction of their gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect.

The Economic and Social Commission also examined the demand of the countries to their full right to development.

On the topic of human rights, the delegates respect for civil and political rights as well as for economic, social and cultural rights, with objectivity, transparency and non- selectivity.

It is expected that the work of both committees will conclude on Tuesday so that on Wednesday the plenary session can begin, with the participation of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the member nations.

The Ministerial Conference should also adopt a declaration on the 50 years of life of the Non Aligned Movement and its strategy for the next 50 years, as well as other texts of importance on Palestine, especially one related to the situation of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The ministerial meeting will conclude next Friday with the signature of the Final Declaration of Bali, an island located in a country whose lands saw the origins of the Non Aligned Movement, in the Conference of 1955 in Bandung.

Six years later, in Belgrade, the Movement was constituted with only 25 members; today it has 120 members, with the incorporation here of Fiji and Azerbaijan.


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