Libya: NATO Blocks Sea Access, Fighting Continues

Tripoli, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The Libyan government said Monday that NATO air raids over several ports are blocking access to the sea, while other attacks are backing rebels in their armed offensive in the east and west.

Official spokespersons reported new attacks on ports of Tripoli, following similar NATO raids on Thursday on these ports and installations in the towns of Sirte and Al-Khums, in the eastern region of Libya.

According to NATO officials, the attacks were aimed at protecting the port of the western city of Mirastah, which remains under rebel control.

Following the attacks, the rebels said they had gained ground near Adjabiya and the oil city of Brega, breaking through a siege of pro-Gadaffi forces to get to the destroyed city of Mirastah.

Clashes continued in the town of Zintan, currently controlled by rebels. This town was the target of at least four explosions caused by rockets, according to locals.

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