Cuba Hosts Int’l Seminar on Satisfactory Longevity

Havana, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The 9th International Seminar on Satisfactory Longevity and Integral Vision, begins sessions on Monday in this capital, sponsored by the Caribbean Medical Association and the 120 Years Club.

The event, whose main issue is “Longevity and Environment, Social Environment,” includes lectures and debates on diabetes treatments, high blood pressure, obesity, trauma, occupational injuries and sexually transmitted diseases.

Scientists from all branches will debate their experiences and exchange criteria on how to live longer.

As part of the forum, the 120 Years Club, an association that seeks to return to humanist traditions of listening and learning from elders, invites everyone, especially older people from Cuba and the world, to participate in a meeting as part of the Congress.

Experts will advocate the idea of elders as an important potential in the society in general, people with qualities and still-valid experiences, because intelligence is not lost with age.

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