Calm in Spain before Elections Marked by Protests

Madrid, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Calm prevailed on the so-called day of reflection Saturday before Sundayâ�Ös municipal and autonomous region elections, marked by an unusual social movement protesting Spanish political leaders.

With the emblematic plaza of Puerta del Sol as their center, the “indignant ones,” as protesters have called themselves, have camped out by the tens of thousands in the plazas of the countryâ�Ös major cities and continued their peaceful demonstrations on Saturday.

The 30,000 people who assembled in Puerta del Sol on Saturday night protested what they called a corrupt political, economic and social system.

Dubbed by the press as the 15-M movement, referring to the mobilizations of May 15 in about 50 Spanish cities, protesters are urging voters not to cast their ballots for the traditional parties on Sunday.

The mostly young activists say the traditional parties act only in the interest of the economic elite, and they are callling for a more participatory democracy and a new election law that would make it possible for other parties to hold power other than the two that always alternate: the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and the center-right Popular Party (PP).

This 15-M movement, or the Spanish Revolution, as it is also known, originated on the social networks of the Internet.

Protesters are also demanding far-reaching political, economic and social reforms in Spain, which has almost five million unemployed, the highest rate in the European Union. For young people, that rate is over 43 percent.


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