WHO, NAM Ministers Talk in Geneva

Geneva, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Some 100 health ministers of the Non Aligned Movement held talks with Margaret Chang, director general of the World Health Organization, during the WHO’s 64th General Assembly.

This 4th NAM-WHO exchange, chaired by Egyptian Health Minister, Prof. Al-Gabaly, paid special attention to pandemics and health infrastructure sustainability while Mrs. Chang mapped the strategy to prevent and control chronic non- transmittable diseases.

Chang reminded that 60% the world deaths are blamed to these diseases and warned the international community for failing to provide the deserved priority. The General Assembly will address this matter in September, hoping to consolidate and amass the required willpower to promote due action.

The WHO leader proposed running national integrated health networks with well-trained staff and enough funds, like Cuba’s and India’s. The other speakers were envoys of Cuba, Nepal, Indonesia, Palestine, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran.

Cuban Vice Minister Jose Angel Portal set as priority bracing health care networks, securing universal coverage and sustainable funding, stressing on primary health care services.

Portal urged the Superpowers to meet their official Development Assistance commitments and the NAM members and observers to reinforce South-South Coop.

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