Protests Continue despite a Spain´s Electoral Board Ban

Madrid, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of people in several Spanish cities continue on Friday for five consecutive day protesting against the political and economic system, despite a ban by the Central Electoral Board (JEC).

The JEC declared illegal all meetings and demonstrations of the so-called May 15th Movement from midnight Saturday, the day of reflection, and on Sunday, end of local and regional elections.

The body in charge of acting as arbitrator in the European country´s electoral processes stated that during Saturday and Sunday, the days for reflection and voting, the law precludes any act of propaganda or campaign.

The resolution also says that to create susceptible groups to obstruct, by no means, the access to voting centers or the presence of those who can hamper or coerce free vote is forbidden during the voting day.

The JEC decision caused an effect call among young people who made up of the also known indignant movement, who again camped at the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, epicenter of the spontaneous demonstration.

After another mass campaign, the members of the baptized by many means as the Spanish Revolution, created through social networks online, stated that they have no intention of abandoning Puerta del Sol Square camp.

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