Managua Winds up 17th Sao Paulo Forum

Managua, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The 17th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum will conclude Friday in this capital after two days of debates and reflections on the need to strengthen the unity of Latin American and Caribbean left forces.

In the third and last day of this event started on Wednesday, the 257 representatives from 47 leftist political parties and progressive organizations from 32 Latin American, Caribbean, European, and Asian nations meet in plenary session today.

The single issue of this session is “Building a new era: the alternative project of popular, progressive sectors and the Latin American left.”

Reports of each of the 13 working groups will be presented in the afternoon, and participants will approve the final declaration of the forum, after which the meeting will be closed.

“Peoples are recovering step, each of us according to our times, rhythms, identities and cultures, but we all are cultivating and achieving victories,” Rosario Murillo said on Thursday when referring to the exchanges of ideas held by participants in the Forum.

The coordinator of the Nicaragua Council on Communication and Citizenship was convinced that those reflections are going to be very important to strengthen the unity of our peoples, and the struggle for those new victories of us all.”

Although the news has not been officially informed, everything indicates that Caracas, capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, will be the venue of the 18th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum in 2012.


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