Law Against Racial Discrimination to benefit Venezuelans and foreigners

Caracas, 19 May. AVN .- “The Organic Law Against Racial Discrimination will include every people living within the national territory, even foreigners visiting the country will be benefited with it, because their rights will be guaranteed,” underscored the parliamentarian Modesto Ruiz member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The National Assembly approved unanimously on May 10 the Bill Against Racial Discrimination in a first discussion, during a session with the attendance of the Afro-Descendants Network of Venezuela.

At that opportunity, the first vice-president of the National Assembly Aristobulo Isturiz said: “Nobody can say that there is no discrimination or racism in Venezuela. We must internalize a fundamental value as diversity is. We must accept each other as we are, without lies, without hypocrisies.”

Modesto Ruiz pointed out that people have to remember history to understand the reasons for a law against discrimination, “we have to remember indigenous, afro-descendants and white peoples; all those groups were mistreated.”

The parliamentarian explained that the legal instrument emerges from the necessity of defending and protecting Human Rights in diverse areas of the society.

“Discrimination can occur, for instance, in education: many curricula did not include the history of indigenous people or afro-descendants, just some unlinked episodes. Nevertheless, the new Organic Law on Education includes that subject without hiding their contribution to humanity and to the world,” he explained.

The parliamentarian mentioned, as an example of discriminatory acts, the fact that some companies do not hire people just for their skin color.

In this regard, he underscored that the media play a key role in said subject, trying to avoid any kind of racial discrimination.

In recent days, Ruiz informed that the aforementioned Bill includes the creation of a National Institute Against Racial Discrimination aimed at enforcing the laws and defend the rights of all Venezuelans.

“We are just trying to shape a more harmonious and egalitarian society,” he pointed out.

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