FARC computer poisoned fable is coming to an end

Caracas, 19 May. AVN .- “The poisoned fable about computers belonging to Raul Reyes (late second-in-command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC) should be condemned to obscurity, as all those campaigns devised to attack progressive governments,” said Venezuelan Foreign Ministry Nicolas Maduro this Thursday.

From Managua, Nicaragua, the Venezuelan Minister expressed that “the Venezuelan fable they tried to create” after the alleged seizure of laptops belonging to the FARC commander “is coming to an end.”

The minister said the statement to Telesur television on the occasion of the 17th Sao Paulo Forum, which gathers over 100 leftist, progressive and socialist political parties and social organizations from Latin America and the world, reported a press release from the Foreign Ministry.

Maduro referred to the issue given that Colombia”s Supreme Court concluded that mails and all material allegedly found on the computer taken from the camp where Reyes was killed had been taken in an illicit way.

From such alleged mails and hard disks derived denounces over ties between the insurgent group with progressive governments in Latin America, left-wing political leaders, journalists and intellectuals.

Files had even been a key to remove from office and disqualify for 18 years former Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba.

Colombia”s Attorney General had concluded that Cordoba”s contacts with Reyes did not aim at a humanitarian accord but that it evidenced a political tie between the leader and those rebels.

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