Watch over internal democratic order is one of the main tasks of Armed Forces

Caracas, 18 May. AVN .- The officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB in Spanish) must perform their work thinking on country”s interests, Constitution and the integral security and defense of the country to preserve peace, freedom and independence as the essential elements for the internal democratic order.

The statements were made by the Venezuelan Defense minister Carlos Mata Figueroa in his message to the new 327 troop officers of the First Promotion of Troop Officers “Lieutenant Pedro Camejo”, who were promoted this Wednesday during a ceremony held in the military fort Fuerte Tiuna, in Caracas.

“The Bolivarian National Armed Forces represents one of the main pillars for the integral defense of the country, jointly with the society, which transforms into a priority the execution of measures that can spread the military thinking, increase units operational levels, reinforce military presence within the territory, promote actions for the development of military technology and industry, and establish necessary measures to strengthen the civil-military union,” he pointed out.

Mata underscored that said promotion is breaking with old paradigms and open new paths within the FANB, which has passed from being an inert object to an active subject always by the side of the people and following the guidelines of the Bolivarian Constitution.

He highlighted that the promotion of these first troop officers is a result of the opportunity that the Revolution has given to the FANB, in which officers can now be command officers, technician officers and troop officers, after the reform passed to the Armed Forces Organic Law in March 2011.

According to the Defense minister, the big challenge for the future consists on proving that the new sketched path is the right one, “and the one that will bring us to the transformation, modernization and professionalization of a new Armed Forces institution to accompany the Executive branch and Venezuelan people in the execution of public policies, within a participatory and self-reliant State, respecting Human Rights.”

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