Venezuela Fights against Real Estate Fraud and Wildlife Trade

Caracas, May 18 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Attorney Generalâ�Ös Office intensifies this week a crackdown on real estate fraud and illegal trade of wildlife, as part of a national plan to eradicate such practices in the country.

General Attorney Luisa Ortega Diaz, said that officials are visiting several places of the country where there have been cases of fraud in the sale of homes and automobiles.

In the effort to eradicate corruption in these sectors members of the Institute for the Defence of the People’s Access to Goods and Services work together.

According to Ortega, so far there are 111 companies that have allegedly committed such crimes, and 15 persons charged and eight detained.

Moreover, between Thursday and next Friday judges Attorney Generalâ�Ös Office of the will propose the implementation of measures at national level to protect wildlife from abuse and illicit marketing.

The lawyers requested the implementation of standards in order to prevent the sale and management of exotic birds, which is widespread in the country.

The initiative plans to involve the National Guard, said the Attorney General.

One response to “Venezuela Fights against Real Estate Fraud and Wildlife Trade

  1. illegal wildlife trade should be stop…

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