UN Requests 408 Million for Humanitarian Aid to Libya

United Nations, May 18 (Prensa Latina) United Nations on Wednesday raised to 408 million dollar to its request for funds for humanitarian aid to Libya until early September this year, compared to 160 million requested in early March.

With new amount, UN aims to help more than two million people affected by the conflict that erupted last February in Libya and takes into account a possible worsening of the situation.

According to a statement published at UN headquarters in New York, the organization first planned to cover primarily needs to 400 000 people who left Libya and another 600 000 who remained in the country.

At present the number of persons affected exceeds 800, 000 on the outside and 1, 500, 000 inside, according to the official report.

Of the requested 408 million dollar, the UN has already received 175 million, the report said.

The general secretary and coordinator for emergency assistance from the UN, Valerie Amos, warned on Wednesday in Geneva on the severity of the crisis in the city of Misrata in Libya and admitted that the situation is not so critical elsewhere.

Amos predicted a possible worsening of the lack of food, fuel and medical supplies and personnel in key sectors such as health.

Amos insisted on achieving a pause in hostilities in Misrata to allow the arrival of medical supplies and other assistance and evacuation of foreigners, wounded and other victims who need attention.

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