Libyan Gov´t Favors Political Solution, NATO Increases Bombings

Tripoli, May 18 (Prensa Latina) Muammar Gaddafi´s government undertook new steps to reach a political solution to its conflict with the armed opposition, despite NATO´s stepped-up bombings of Libya on Wednesday, including civilian zones in the capital.

As the Libyan crisis enters its fourth month, Tripoli authorities announced that a delegation traveled to Moscow to hold talks with Russian representatives and that an amnesty was granted to repentant rebels, both of them gestures proving the government is willing to reconcile.

Another night of NATO bombings in the capital damaged government and residential buildings, witnesses and local radio stations reported.

Public television assured that NATO also bombed the Tajoura and Zawiya neighborhoods west of the capital in recent hours, killing and injuring many people.

Sources quoted by other channel said Gaddafi´s decision to pardon 100 rebels and mercenaries was due to an agreement with tribal elders and chiefs.

The agreement came out of a National Conference of Libyan Tribes forum representing over 860 ethnic groups which reiterated its appeal to the government to verify incidents of deadly violence throughout the country.

The meeting aimed, above all, to attain peace, unity and dialogue among Libyans, starting with a cease-fire and a peaceful solution to the conflict, said spokespersons for the local councils and tribes.

Gaddafi´s administration promised on Tuesday in Moscow to ahere to UN Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 and an African Union peace initiative if insurgents stop fighting and NATO stops bombing.

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