Guatemala: 2nd Day of State of Siege Due to Massacre

Guatemala, May 18 (Prensa Latina) The Guatemalan department of Peten entered its second day under a state of siege on Wednesday, with considerable forces in many areas searching for the perpetrators of a massacre that occurred last weekend.

Authorities have reported on joint actions by the army and police as they pursue alleged members of the drug cartel Los Zetas who killed 27 laborers on a farm in Peten, in the north.

Police forces reportedly were combing the Peten jungle for 20 people who allegedly are directly responsible for the murders, which occurred late Saturday and early Sunday.

On Tuesday, President Alvaro Colom and his security cabinet assessed these actions to find the perpetrators of the massacre on the Los Cocos farm in La Libertad municipality, bordering Mexico.

Interior Minister Carlos Menocal stated at that meeting that authorities from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica reinforced bordering crossings to prevent the criminals from escaping.

Of the 27 bodies found on the farm, it was reported that 18 were buried without being identified due to their state of decomposition, stemming from the intense heat and a lack of refrigeration at the morgue where

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