Egypt: Military Board Disregards Pardon for Hosni Mubarak

Cairo, May 18 (Prensa Latina) The Military Board of Egypt denied reports Wednesday on a possible indult to expresident Hosni Mubarak or his family, and discarded that they are exempt of penal responsibility, although the Military Board clarified that it does not intervene in judicial matters.

In an official statement placed in a social net in Internet, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces regarded as “absolutely uncertain” the information that there has been an idea on giving Mubarak an indult, defenestrated for a popular revolt on February 11.

In this respect, the Supreme Council underlined it “doesn’t interfere either in a sense or in another in the legal procedures to submit the symbols of the previous regime before the local justice,” among whom there are former ministers, political leaders and managers included.

The reaction of the military happened after the Authority against Illicit Enrichment revoked Tuesday the preventive prison for 15 days that it had dictated on Friday against the ex-first lady Suzanne Mubarak who is still on judicial investigation.

The wife of former president Mubarak, 70 years old and suffering of heart problems for days, announced that she gave a patrimony of more than four million dollars including a mansion in Cairo and at least two bank accounts to the Egyptian government.

However, Mubarak, 83 years old, is still in a hospital of the spa of Sharm El-Sheikh also because of heart ailments, and under provisional arrest that has been renovated him in three occasions while he is investigated by corruption and abuse of power.

The two children of the formerly presidential marriage, Alaa and Gamal, are also purging preventive prison in the jail of Torah, in the periphery of Cairo, for possible graft of public funds, corruption and responsibility in the death of demonstrators.

Egyptian news media continued speculating Wednesday on the fact that the deposed ruler prepared an excuse letter to the people of Egypt and the resignation to their patrimony like form of making sure a possible amnesty.



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