NATO Bombs Libyan Oil Center, Rejects Truce Offer

Tripoli, May 16 (Prensa Latina) NATO plans to extend its bombings of Libya on Monday, after attacking an oil facility in Ras Lanuf and other areas of the capital, as it rejected a truce offer from the Muammar Gaddafi government.

On Sunday night, NATO warplanes destroyed methanol tanks and sparked oil leaks in the Ras Lanuf oil facility in eastern Libya, halfway between Tripoli and the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Al-Jamahiriya state television reported that Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi on Sunday told the UN special envoy in Libya, Jordanian Abdel Al-Khatib, that Libya was ready for a cease-fire if NATO stopped its attacks.

AL-Khatib arrived in Tripoli on Sunday to try to find a political, negotiated solution to the conflict that started three months ago.

In meeting with Foreign Minister Abdelati Al-Obeidi, Al-Khatib refered to the “magnitude of serious abuse and violations committed by NATO.”

According to Al-Jamahiriya, the latest attacks coincided with rebel reports that they had complete control of the city of Misratah, the site of more than two months of heavy fighting on the ground.

Spokespeople for the National Transition Council asked NATO to intensify its bombings, and Britain asked to extend attacks on areas under Libyan government control to weaken Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, NATO confirmed Sunday attacks on Libyan army positions near Zawara, close to the Tunisian border, an area which many sources say is becoming an increasingly larger battle field.

The Tunisian news agency TAP reported that Western warplanes bombed barracks and radar facilities in the Libyan border town of Boukamache, and explosions were heard in nearby Ras Jadir.

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