Ecuadorian Referendum Vote Count in Final Stage

Quito, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The vote count for the May 7 referendum in Ecuador enters the final stretch on Monday, and the lead was growing for the “Yes” vote on all 10 questions, as predicted by President Rafael Correa.

The official results of the referendum should be ready by Tuesday, given that the vote count may not last more than 10 days after the election, according to Article 132 of the Democracy Code, except if numerical inconsistencies are found in one of the provinces.

The National Electoral Council had checked 91.58 percent of the polling reports (27,187 of 29,688) as of Sunday evening, and had finished the count in 22 of the 24 provinces.

As Correa said on Saturday, the provinces falling behind were Guayas, with 70.71 percent, and Pichincha with 90.48 percent, the country´s two largest provinces, and where the “Yes” vote was winning by a comfortable margin.

Electoral Council advisor Marcia Caicedo said the deadline should be met, but said reports of numerical inconsistencies had been made regarding some of the questions, and would be investigated on Monday.

According to the Democracy Code, the NEC has five days to announce the official results once verified. hr/prl/rab/ajs


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