US Gov’t to Receive Gaddafi Opponents

Washington, May 13 (Prensa Latina) The U.S. government will meet with representatives of the rebel forces who are trying to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

High-ranking officials in President Barack Obama’s administration, including National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, are set to meet with Mahmoud Jibril, foreign relations chief of the so-called National Transitional Council.

The meeting in the U.S. capital comes one day after Mustafa Abdel Jalil, chairman of the Council, met with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London, where he obtained a promise of more aid.

The rebels want the United States to release up to 180 million USD in frozen assets of the Libyan state.

Obama has announced to Congress that the United States is supporting the rebels with so-called nonlethal help to cover costs such as wages, medication, communications and transportation.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Thursday that the cost of U.S. operations against Libya is now close to 750 million USD, more than what was anticipated.

The United States, United Kingdom and France have announced that their air attacks will continue until Gaddafi is removed from power, but the rebels are asking for money to support their positions on the ground.

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