Obama at a Crossroads on Immigration Reform

Washington, May 13 (Prensa Latina) President Barack Obama is trying to promote immigration reform because he is concerned about the indifference of Latinos to his plan for reelection in November 2012, political commentators say.

Obama is in a dilemma regarding the immigration issue, said professor Humberto Caspa, a researcher with the organization Economics On the Move, who wrote about the issue in a commentary published by La Opinion newspaper.

Obama knows there is a need to promote immigration reform, the DREAM Act or comprehensive reform, to reanimate Latino voters, Caspa stated.

The White Houseâ�Ös tug-of-war on the subject is notorious. The president promised to achieve reform in his first year in office, when Democrats held a majority in both houses of Congress.

But having failed to keep that promise, Obama believes that if he promotes a law as president, he may jeopardize support from anti-immigrant members of his party and moderate voters, Caspa said. What Obama has done while in office is simply talk, talk, talk about the importance of maintaining our culture of immigration, the researcher said.

ObamaÂ�s position in relation to the migration issue is, therefore, “willing and unwilling,” Caspa commented, saying that the president Obama would like to promote immigration reform, but it is not good for him.

The elections are in a year and a few months. His actions will be more real in 2013, the scholar commented.

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