Correa: Parliament is Obliged to Arrange Laws

Quito, May 13 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa recalled the National Assembly that, once vote counting and popular consultation have concluded, is required to comply with laws that are derived from the mandate of popular will.

Among those, Correa mentioned that of communication and reform to criminalize non-justified private enrichment and non-affiliation of workers to Social Security, in keeping with the will for the “YES” vote.

Correa commented as a last resort that the Constitutional Court could legislate the reforms approved in consultation as an institution of last resort, and stated that he prefers not to disturb the people with a new call to elections, at least in the coming months.

With 71.14 percent of vote until Thursday night, the “YES” vote is expected to win in the 10-question referendum, when there are still a significant a percentage of votes to be counted in the five most populated provinces in this country, with clear support for the government.

National Electoral Council president Omar Simon and Guayas governor Roberto Cuero condemned the violent actions occurred Thursday in the Electoral Court of that province, in the interest of certain opposition political actors to destabilize vote counting.

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