Contrasting Weather Affects U.S.A

Washington, May 13 (Prensa Latina) A devastating drought affects the South of United States as floods in the zone of the Mississippi delta due to the river’s level rise, keep the country this Friday in an alarming climatic contrast.

The lack of rains in Texas and in the neighboring regions could cause losses around 3 billion US dollars, said the authorities.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi rive has reached historically its water levels that has flooded cultivated lands, destroyed communities and roads which has increased the concern among the residents of the impoverished region near the delta.

According to the experts, the river will raise its waters to the highest level in Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 19, exceeding 1927 record.

The opposite is happening in Texas, where the drought levels raised from 26 to 48 percent last week, data that is more illustrative since at least 9,000 fires have destroyed 890,000 hectares of cultivated land along the state.

Texas, as an agricultural and ranching region, has this Friday huge losses in the wheat crop and other products; meanwhile the grazing land is almost dried to feed the cattle.

The Texas A&M University’s agronomic Brent Bean explains the contrasting weather as he said that “it is ironic that the Central region of USA and the Mississippi delta are receiving all the rain and we are the ones who need it”.


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