Anti-Neoliberal March Exceed Expectation

Santiago de Chile, May 13 (Prensa Latina) Some 100,000 Chileans joined the national protest against the privatization and an exclusive education system while urging for education to remain public, state-run, free of charge.

 Just in Santiago an estimate of 50,000 students, academics, professors and workers, urged for a deep structural changes to the model in force at La Alameda St.

“It is a massive march and support shows general disagreement with the model affecting the education in our country,” said Camila Vallejo, president of the Federation of University Students of Chile.

“Denouncing the crisis in higher education by the university students has been joined by the Colegio de Profesores, rectors and officials who are confirming that the entire system is in crisis,” added Vallejo.

The demonstrators said the protests will expand is the government does not meet their demands, despite repression by the Carabineros that provoked severe wounds to a student in Concepcion, in central south Chile, when a tear gas bomb hit his right eye.

Confederacion de Estudiantes de Chile, Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, Consejo de Rectores, Colegio de Profesores and Asociacion Nacional de Empleados Fiscales, are among the rallying unions.

“We are creating a common front and that is the distinctive quality of the demonstration,” said Jaime Gajardo, president of Colegio de Profesores, who urged to set up a mutual fund to help recover public education. That is a matter of common interest that impels every sector to fight.


One response to “Anti-Neoliberal March Exceed Expectation

  1. Neoliberals really deservet nothing else! this movie proves how they messed around in Latin America:

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