France Passes Stricter Immigration Law

Paris, May 12 (Prensa Latina) After months of debate, the French parliament passed an immigration law that is stricter on illegal immigrants, despite protests by socialist members who promised to take the case to the Constitutional Council.

The legislation was passed by the National Assembly 297-193, and by the Senate, 182-151.

This is another law that is part of a world view characterized by xenophobia and exclusion, said Obey Ament, a French Communist Party official.

The law stipulates regulations for deporting undocumented immigrants and asylum petitioners, and includes a measure restricting temporary residency for the seriously ill, considered a death sentence by the nongovernmental organization Medicos del Mundo (MDM).

Since 1998, seriously ill people in France were protected from deportation and could obtain residency permits if unable to receive treatment in their home nations.

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