Correa Reiterates Referendum Victory

Quito, May 12 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa reiterated that the “Yes” vote had won on all 10 questions of the national referendum, despite a campaign by “all opposition sectors united against us, as well as the corrupt press.”

The statesman made a numerical analysis of projections with 64.35 percent of the vote counted, and according to his estimates, the “Yes” vote should win by a minimum margin of 200,000 votes and a maximum of 800,000.

“The â��Yesâ�Ö vote won, but it was not close at all,” Correa said during a conversation with journalists at the Presidential Palace.

Correa accused certain media of trying to confuse the population by not reporting that most ballots had yet to be counted in provinces where the referendum had more support, such as Guayas, Manabi, El Oro and Los Rios.

Once the official results are completed, the National Assembly will have “the obligation of receiving the order from the Ecuadorian people,” Correa noted.


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