Venezuela, Colombia parliaments to strengthen relations

Caracas, 11 May. AVN .- The parliaments of Venezuela and Colombia will create groups of friends made by deputies of each legislative body since next week, with the aim to strengthen relations, informed this Wednesday the chairman of Venezuela”s National Assembly, Deputy Fernando Soto Rojas.

Soto Rojas expressed that the creation of these group of friends to strengthen relations between the parliaments of the two countries was arranged during an encounter he held with Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela, Jose Fernando Bautista.

During the meeting with Colombia”s diplomat, they reaffirmed “the good relations between the two governments, as well as the need of strengthening relations between the two parliaments.”

“The idea is that the whole Venezuelan parliament takes part on the group of friends which will tackle the legislative exchange with Colombia,” said the Venezuelan deputy.

Finally, he added that the exchange with Colombia”s Ambassador to Venezuela “was very good and we agreed to see us again to tackle with other issues.”

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