Over 79,000 household appliances of Mi Casa Bien Equipada in Pdval and Mercal shelfs

Caracas, 11 May. AVN .- Over 79,000 household appliances are currently in the shelf of the state-run distribution networks Pdval and Mercal and in diverse employees” savings and loan associations, informed this Wednesday the Venezuelan Commerce minister Carlos Osorio.

He explained that household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines and televisions, among others, will be offered with discounts up to 70% compared to private market and with credit facilities to guarantee the good living for the people.

In the framework of the governmental plan “Mi Casa Bien Equipada” (My Well-Equipped House), Osorio informed that over 2 million household appliances are expected to arrive in the country this year and for 2012 the Government expects to distribute about one million more, providing Venezuelans good products at fair prices.

He pointed out that this Wednesday the Government expects to distribute about 500 units and a similar number was commercialized on Tuesday in diverse states of the country.

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