Makled is unreliable, says Venezuelan opposition deputy

Caracas, 11 May. AVN .- “Quite feeble” is the credibility of Venezuelan-Syrian citizen Walid Makled, who was recently extradited from Colombia to Venezuela, said Deputy Juan Carlos Caldera, from the opposing party Primero Justicia (or Justice First), to a local television.

“We should not take for granted what Makled says,” Deputy Caldera said about this citizen who will be tried in Venezuela due to drug traffic, money laundering, conspiracy and murder.

Caldera commented in a television program this morning about statements said by Makled during his term of arrest in Colombia: “If Makled comes again saying he gave money to a general, that he has evidence which he will show anytime when he desires to, we realize it is a lot more blah, blah, blah.”

Previously, national coordinator of the mentioned political party Julio Borges had expressed his fear of possible changes on Makled statements during his trial in Venezuela.

“Makled is in Colombia saying the truth seeking immunity, seeking to reduce his sentence. But I fear that once he comes to Venezuela, he will say lies to reduce his sentence. He may say he is connected to Venezuelan entrepreneurs, or the media, or opposition people, and the Government will say he will be treated better as long as he says so,” said Borges in a radio interview.

This Wednesday, Caldera expressed “we are talking about a person who is charged of three crimes which are not insignificant issues. A person capable of committing homicide and drug traffic, we should not take for granted what he says.”

“We have to be very clear that drug smuggling and politics do not merge,” Caldera said.

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