Chavez, Rousseff to meet in June

Caracas, 11 May. AVN .- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arranged to meet next month of June with his counterpart from Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, after having suspended his visit to Brasilia due to a knee injury.

The date of the encounter was informed by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, who detailed that Brazil”s President confirmed, through a telephone call, her attendance to the Latin American and Caribbean Summit (CALC, Spanish abbreviation), next July 5-6.

According to a press release from the Venezuelan Communication and Information Ministry, Maduro expressed that the summit in Caracas “will be a significant historical encounter for all our Latin American and Caribbean countries.”

The Minister also expressed that the two presidents will tackle with issues of binational cooperation, particularly in housing matters.

About the matter, he said President Rousseff proposed to appoint a special team of the bank Caixa Federal and other institutions which currently work in Venezuela to “increase the level of works and cooperation in housing projects.”

Minister Maduro affirmed Brazil-Venezuela relations have strengthened and that these countries are working to keep relations a an optimum level.

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