Venezuelan authorities have seized 14.54 tons of drugs in 2011

Caracas, 09 May. AVN .- Venezuelan State security organs have seized 14.54 tons of drugs so far this year through diverse operations conducted length and breadth of country”s territory.

According to the statistics published by the Venezuela”s Anti-Drug Office (ONA in Spanish), security organs have seized: marijuana (5.41 tons), cocaine (9.02 tons), heroine (131.42 lb), crack (99.1 lb) and basuco (4.83 lb).

Likewise, the data presented in the report on seizures and detainees for drug-related crimes in Venezuela from January 1 to May 6, 2011, shows that the Bolivarian National Guard has seized 6.06 tons of the total, which represents 41.68%.

For drug-related crimes, 6,378 people have been arrested through 4,268 operations deployed by Venezuela”s security organs.

Venezuela, after suspending an agreement with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 2005, has seized more drugs and captured arrested more people for drug-related crimes than ever before in its history.

Between 2002-2005, it was never arrested a person requested by the International Police (Interpol) for drug-related crimes. Since then, Venezuelan authorities captured 4 people in 2006; 5 in 2007; 14 in 2008; 14 in 2009; and 17 in 2010.


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