Vote Counting in Ecuador Favorable to Referendum

Quito, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Having counted 37 percent of the votes on the plebiscite held Saturday in Ecuador, the Yes maintains its advantage over the No, though the margin of difference has reduced.

Until 21:00 local time Sunday, the National Election Council (CNE) had processed 10,930 reports in a total of 29,688 polling stations, corroborating a moderate advantage of the Yes to the nine questions of the referendum.

After 37 percent of votes were counted, the Yes had received between 49.54 and 44.11 percent of support, and the No between 44.08 and 40.26 percent.

In the provinces, the entire coastal region, and 11 of the 24 provinces, mostly voted Yes in all the questions, while another 11 Andean and Amazon provinces mainly voted for the No. In two provinces, the votes are divided.

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