Venezuelan Parliament to Discuss Racial Discrimination Law

Caracas, May 10 (PL) The Venezuelan National Assembly on Tuesday will discuss a proposed law on racial discrimination that would promote measures and mechanisms to raise awareness about recognition and respect for ethnic and cultural diversity.

The first discussion on the document will be held in the framework of actions until May 25 to celebrate African Descendants Month.

The law would establish measures to prevent, punish and eradicate racial discrimination by any person, authority, organization, and state or private institution.

The new legislation contains elements that would help to assess the characteristics of Venezuelan society, in order to put an end to exclusion, restrictions or ethnic preferencs in all spheres of public life.

The legislation was drafted by the Subcommittee on Legislation, Participation, Warranties, Duties and the Rights of Afro-Descendants.

The chairman of this committee, deputy Modesto Ruiz from the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, said recently that the law would be in line with Article 203 of the Constitution, related to respect for human rights.

According to Ruiz, it would be a positive step toward implementing the constitutional mandate to protect and promote justice, fairness, freedom and social inclusion to achieve peace.

The discussion of the text will be held one day before Afro-Venezuelan Identity Day, which is commemorated each May 10 in honor of the insurrection by black and mulattos against colonial authorities in 1795, and honoring Venezuelans of African descent.

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