Libya under NATO Fire, Rebels Receive Oil Checks

Tripoli, May 9 (Prensa Latina) NATO military aircraft intensified this Monday their bombing of Libyan army positions in Mistratah and in this capital; meanwhile rebels received through Qatar the first payments for oil sales.

Official sources in Tripoli affirmed that some military targets were bombed by NATO´s aviation and damages to civil facilities are reported.

Although no deaths have been confirmed, witnesses said that a crowed area was attacked and it is expected that some people was wounded; but this information has not been confirmed or denied by authorities.

A Western sector of Tripoli and areas near Zintan were also attacked on Sunday by aircraft.

NATO aircraft destroyed arms depots and munitions dumps in Zintan; and a few hours later fired against Misratah harbor and airport, which is still being bombed this Monday.

Clashes between troops loyal to leader Muamar El Gadafi and the opposition represented in the National Transitional Council were very intense in the last hours, after the government destroyed oil tanks in the city.

Meanwhile the command of the opposition asked NATO to increment its air attacks against arms depots and munitions dumps of El Gadafi´s troops; and sources of the National Transitional Council affirmed that Abu Dhabi is receiving million of dollars for oil sale through a bank account in Qatar.

After the National Transitional Council was recognized by the United Arab Emirates as the legitimate representative of the Libyan government, it has marketed around a million barrels of oil in rebel hands for 100 million US dollars, supposedly with no military purposes.


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