China to Kick Off Plan against Disasters

Beijing, May 8 (Prensa Latina) China is set to begin construction projects later this month to resettle 240,000 people this year from disaster-prone zones in Shaanxi province to safer areas.

The project is part of a 10-year plan to relocate 2.4 million residents from less developed mountain regions of that northwestern territory, especially from the cities of Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo.

According to local authorities quoted by Chinese media, the project will help improve the quality of life of residents in 28 counties who account for 26.4 percent of the total population of southern Shaanxi.

The plan will cost 16.9 billion USD and will be financed in large part by the government. Resettled rural families will have new homes and arable land to guarantee their food.

Flooding and mudslides are common in mountainous zones of Shaanxi during the rainy season. In 2010, some 300 people were killed or missing due to landslides in the area.

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